(MA) - japanisch für Raum/Platz

Performance - Deutsches Theater Berlin 2015 

Konzept und Realisation: Fritz Faust und Veronika Witlandt
performance: fritz faust⎜nolundi tschudi⎜veronika witlandt

間(MA) is a god between pages, the void between two seconds, the silence between two waves ⎜ 間 is moonlight 月 falling through a gate 門 ⎜ 間 is the poetry of the empty space, or rather of the space in between and deranges the western concept of space in its translation as place, time, space in between and state ⎜ how far is the distance between shadow and wall between broken glass and skin between people in silence between movement and paint between two cultures? an exploration of sound, bodies, words and spaces (Fritz Faust)